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Celebrating the RAAF's 1924 Circumnavigation

 During the period 6 April to 19 May 1924, Squadron Leader 'Jimmy' Goble and Sergeant Ivor Mcintyre of the RAAF made the first flight around Australia, in a Fairey seaplane. This was an epic journey, recognised by the award of the Britannia Trophy as the outstanding flight achievement of 1924. This is the journey the seaplane groups listed on the home page are commemorating.




There were two major celebration events during 2014. On 8 May 2014, the Seaplane Pilots Association of Australia participated in a flight over Sydney exactly 100 years after Guillaux's first seaplane flight. Fourteen aircraft participated in a flight over Sydney and there was a gathering at Rose Bay RSL, a veteran's support organisation, to mark the event.


A group of light aircraft flew from Melbourne to Sydney 12-14 July 2014 to celebrate the Melbourne-Sydney flight. The French community were very involved and the flight culminated in the delivery of commemorative air mail to the Bastille Day celebrations held at the Powerhouse Museum.

Upcoming: Commemorative flights celebrating the RAAF's 1924 circumnavigation which this website is documenting.

About Tom Lockley:


Since retiring in 2002, Tom has been able to spend a lot of time on his interest in early aviation history. His role in 2024 is as historian, archivist, and communications hub. He also performed in these roles for the trans-Australia Michael Smith Flight celebrations.

He has collected all available information the RAAF and from other records and has contacted historical groups at stopping places and adding in locally sourced material. 

He would love to hear from anyone else who is interested in 1924 aviation history.  If you have information, suggestions or questions, please contact Tom Lockley at

Goble and McIntyre kept a daily diary of their 1924 journey around Australia. CLICK BELOW to download. 

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