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Press release:

6th of April is 100 years since the first flight around Australia kicked off. Two groups of seaplanes attempt to retrace the flight.

Cathy Babis from the US is attempting to be the first female to fly a seaplane aircraft around mainland Australia.

Check out our FAQ for more details or contact David Geers anytime direct 0418 10 35 35


A group of seaplanes is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the first circumnavigation of mainland Australia which was accomplished in a seaplane by the Royal Australian Air Force.

The majority of participants are departing Point Cook, VIC on April 6th and proceeding clockwise. Two to three aircraft are planning to complete an entire circuit. Others are joining the flight for a partial circuit. Pilots who would like to be contacted by the press, are listed below and have a file for download. Those listed below are happy to be contacted for interviews.

Please check our FAQ page for possible interview questions.

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