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We (Cathy & David) have been planning this epic commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the first circumnavigation since July 2023. Your encouragement and positive wishes for a successful trip are needed too! Below is a list of people and businesses who have contributed to the success of our trip, whether financially or during the trip with lodging, transportation, fuel, tools, and tours of their towns.

The Aero Experience is a celebration of Midwest Aviation and aerospace achievement. We invite you to join us as we tell the story of Midwest Aviation in the US through first-hand, immersive experiences. They report on everything from AirVenture in Oshkosh,

Wisconsin to first solos to flight school grand openings and all things Aviation STEM education. The Aero Experience is providing social media services for our adventure.

Australia’s national lived experience of suicide organisation, Roses in the Ocean exists to save lives and to reduce emotional distress and pain. Their vision is for every person to have access to effective suicide prevention that is

informed or led by people with lived experience of suicide. We have partnered together to raise awareness of the organisation and to support those affected by suicide


We are so grateful to all of our donors & supports who are helping us spread the word about STEM education and increasing diversity in all aviation careers possible. We hope to inspire people of all races, genders, and ages to investigate Aviation as a career or hobby.

Ken Stevens
Bruce Bradley
Nancy Collis
Cerberus James
Wal Lister ** AVTEK Rotax Service
Steve Paulet ** Rotax performance
Joe & Beverly Babis
Charlotte W Nattie
David Brown
Trevor Mils
Hadley & Wilder Busch
Theodore Piazza
Joseph Taylor
Henry Fielding
Rebecca Fielding
Ash Hill
Warwick ** SignBlast
Jason ** SignBlast
Reynard ** SignBlast
Dan & Nancy Winter
Sally Hyde
Marie Beck
Amy & Chris
Rebecca Fielding
Lady Blue Cal
Judy Weber
Kelly Croy
Chloe & Karma
Thomas Ballard
David Kleinschmidt
Ivy Broadfoot
Cheryl Geers ** (understanding wife)

Pat Powers

Caren Libby

Diane Carson

Nancy Hightshoe

Darcie Star

Nancy Anderson

Carmelo Turdo
Elect More women 

Julie Boal

Koa McInnes


Marguerite Langford

Yvonne Langford

Joe Taylor

Carla Adams

Cynthia Correll

Bev Dilthey

Lynda Shaw

Ann Riley

Dana Winter

The Aero Experience

Voices of American Herstory

Roses in the Ocean

Ken Stevens

Wal Lister ** AVTEK Rotax Service

Steve Paulet ** Rotax performance

Trevor Mils

David Brown

Warwick ** SignBlast

Jason ** SignBlast

Reynard ** SignBlast

Danny Heidi Yolo

Ross Mahon

Panda Geers

Christopher Lavers

Geoffrey Winstanley

Hamish Kebbell

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