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Countdown to Group Departure from Point Cook
6 April 2024

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The 6th of April 2024 is the 100th anniversary of the start of the Royal Australian Air Force's first flight around Australia in a seaplane. Two groups of seaplane enthusiasts plan to celebrate this milestone with a lap around Australia, departing from Point Cook Victoria, the original expedition’s starting point, on the original date.


Includes First Circumnavigation by a Female Seaplane Pilot and Oldest Male Pilot (read more)

 60 Days (Itinerary) 


Replicating the Original Route and Flight (read more)

 44 Days (Itinerary)


Check out the highlights reel from 2014

If you would like to help support this page and come along for the ride with Cathy and David in VH-XWW you can donate here. All donations of $100 US or more by March 23rd will get your name on the side of our plane! You will also be helping with the production of the post documentary and Book.

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