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How I packed 6kg/13lb for a 60 day Seaplane Adventure!

2 pics of a scale showing 13lb and 6kg

As I explained in the blog post called "A Weighty Issue," weight is very important in the tiny Searey amphibious seaplane that we are flying around the perimeter of mainland Australia. For perspective, the cockpit is similar to the seating area of a Corvette.

I sorted, selected, and sorted again. I finally made it! One little problem - the weight does not include a suitcase. I have a 50L dry bag, 2 string backpacks, and an assortment of plastic bags to pack things in. These were all weighed on this 5 minute video.

The clothes I will wear ALL COUNT, even the clothes I'm wearing at any given time...EVERYTHING going in the plane was weighed...cell phone, sewing kit, personal care & makeup, shoes and more.

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