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Maitraya - the ultimate flying experience

We stayed for three days at the Maitraya Airstrip near Albany, WA. The Aviator's cottage has 2 bedrooms - one with a set of bunkbeds and one with a queen bed. For two days, Hamish & David shared the bunkbeds while Cathy had the queen suite to herself. On our third day, we were joined by a family of 4 & everything shifted. David commandeered the couch in the living room and Cathy shoved two chair cushions together. The 2 teenaged girls had the bunkbeds & their parents were in the queen bedroom.

The property is spectacular with trails that lead to a gazebo with kayaks, a standup paddleboard with plenty of life jackets, trails to more than one beach, a horse arena, and 3 residences for rent. On our last day, we were able to tag along on a tour of the main house by Michael, the caretaker & do-everything guy. The estate was purchased & built by a pilot who lost his life at age 46 in a helicopter accident.

This is a tile grotto by John Olsen surrounding a hot tub in the inside pool area

Jennifer, age 14 & super chef, prepared our meals using what we had on hand before her arrival and what her family brought.

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What a Fun, Interesting Stop on your Adventure! Love that cool airplane with the propeller on the top of the plane.

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