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Planes, Pilots, and Planning

Wow! David and Cathy have less than 55 days until we take off from Caboolture Airport near Brisbane Australia on Easter Saturday March 30th (March 29th in the US)! The group has been Zooming, Emailing, and Texting each other regarding lodging, fuel availability, and even where to stop. Cathy just updated the itinerary page for the Clockwise group, indicating planned dates of arrival and places where we still need to secure lodging. Because of a variety of issues such as weather, we can't guarantee that we will arrive on the precise dates, or even at the same airport. In addition, we will be a group of 3-6 airplanes at any particular time. What would be amazing is to have free or discount flexible accommodations. We are flexible! Floors, couches, dog beds (okay, maybe not), are on the table. Of course we have budgeted money for lodging - just trying to lower expenses.

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Feb 29
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Hey Mate! it's like watch-en-em getting ready to launch the Apollo 11 frig-in space capsule. Guess Ya won't be gathering many of the local rocks onboard , even with that new turbo on the Rotax. Seems that a Catalina might be best for this job. They aren't much for mo-gas, but then again, they dont's got no turbo's neither!

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